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Zitt Competences
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We are passionate about research, development and creating solutions for our customers in the field of Surface Technology and Precision Maschining at innovative and high levels of quality. Our vision is the product with the perfect look, feel and durability. Taking into consideration also environmental aspects we attach great importance to efficiency, resource conservation and sustainability in our processes.

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Production: innovative manufacturing processes

Available technologies and products

More than 80 different work steps | More than 90 machines and systems | More than 150,000 different possible combinations of work steps and thus more than 150,000 different solutions in the area of surface technology and precision machining | More than 120,000,000 brand emblems for the automotive industry since 1970, i.e. an average of 2.5 million brand emblems for the automotive industry per year - and this for 50 years | Approx. 5 million products manufactured in 2021.

Of course, our experts are available to advise you before, during and after product development.

Research & Development

New technologies and products inspired by renowned industry players from multiple sectors

Due to an excessive growth of the Earth’s population and the high demands of industry (e.g. the transformation of the automotive industry, hydrogen storage, battery components, etc.), today's materials scientists are expected to develop new innovative and durable materials. At Zitt, our goal in finishing and protecting metal and plastic products is not to simply accept the status quo of what is technically feasible.

We focus on the requirements of ever-evolving industries and new sectors. Our solutions are therefore tailored in particular to large industrial partners. Our goal is to continuously develop and optimize processes on a project basis and together with our customers and partners.

What can we offer?

  1. Scientifically investigated and technically tested systems with high flexibility for targeting different industrial requirements
  2. Bilateral cooperation on any topic in the field of surface technology (R&D)
  3. Establishment of national or international (EU) projects in consortium

Surface and Interface Technology

Functional surfaces and interfaces

Overview of our surface technologies:

  • Mechanical and chemical pre-treatment of aluminum
  • Anodizing from technical to highly decorative
  • Painting and coating
  • Chromating
  • Electroplating / electrochemical metal deposition (nickel plating, copper plating)
  • Burnishing (i.e. blackening) of various steel alloys (only f. small parts!)
  • Chemical metal deposition: Metallization of plastic surfaces (post-treatment of e.g. 3D-printed parts)
  • (Electro)chemical polishing / deburring
  • Functional coatings: antistatic surfaces, fluorescent surfaces etc.
  • Fire protection
  • Impermeability to water, oxygen, etc.
  • Development of automotive trim parts and related conversion coatings, painting, etc.
  • Adhesive bonding processes for automotive industry, aerospace industry and construction (lightweight construction, replacement for welding, riveting, etc.) - optimization, testing in different atmospheres
  • 3D printing post-treatment, optimization
  • Improvement of mechanical properties of surfaces: integration of different (functionalized) nanoparticles
  • Anti-fingerprint coatings
  • Self-cleaning, adaptive or self-healing surfaces


Printing and marking in perfect design

Whether screen, digital or offset printing, laser marking or engraving: ZITT produces razor-sharp printed images and highly precise markings.

Printing and marking processes in combination with ZITT's special surface finishing processes ensure that your product remains brilliant and beautiful as on the first day, even under the most extreme conditions such as heat or sunlight.

Overview of our printing and marking processes:

  • Printing
  • Sub-eloxal printing
  • Etching and embossing
  • 3D printing
  • Digital printing
  • Heat resistant printing
  • Foil marking
  • Engraving
  • Laser marking
  • Development of coatings which allow digital printing on any metallic surface besides good corrosion and mechanical resistance via
    • chemical adaptation of green organic/inorganic materials to surface and further coating / treatment
    • Integration of self-developed nanoparticles
    • Optimization of the process (treatment times, tempering, etc.)
  • Combination digital printing/screen printing
    • only under modification of the surface, via novel coatings!


Innovative surface technology is the subject of our production as well as our own research and development activities.

Precision machining

Machining in perfect precision. In the field of precision machining ZITT offers you a wide range of possibilities. You benefit both from cost-effective manufacturing processes and from perfectly coordinated processing steps that best bring your product into shape.

Overview of our mechanical manufacturing techniques:

  • Punching, milling and laser cutting
  • Forming, stamping and bending
  • Assembly of subassemblies
  • Assembly of fasteners

Innovative mechanical manufacturing techniques are also the subject of our own research and development activities.

Advice / Consulting

Regardless of whether you are working with us on a specific production order or as a cooperation partner in a joint research and development project, you will always benefit from the in-depth knowledge of our experts.

We at ZITT ...

  • are "solution providers",
  • identify and exploit optimization potentials,
  • carry out laboratory and pilot tests,
  • propose concrete measures,
  • support the implementation of improvements in the production process

We are happy to answer your request.

Call us or write to us. We look forward to finding the right solution for your needs.

Dr. Bernhard Selk
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Expert in cross-industry identification and implementation of process-related as well as organizational optimization potentials
Dr. Peter Velicsanyi
Head of Research and Development, Product and Process Development
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Expert for surfaces and interfaces, relevant experience in acquisition, planning, coordination and management of industrial and research projects
Dipl.-Ing. Peter Oberacher
Sales and Technology
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Expert for surfaces and interfaces, 25 years of experience at Zitt, co-creator of numerous innovations and products of the company